WSU 6/21 results with TNA/WWE/ECW/top indy names

Quick WSU 6/21 Double DVD Taping Results from Boonton, NJ A more complete & detailed results report coming soon. Taping 1 Mercedes Martinez d. Kacee Carlisle Angelina Love d. Portia Perez During an episode of Missy's Manor, Missy announced that WSU will be creating a tag team championship division. Missy showed off the tag team title belts to the crowd. Becky Bayless interrupted Missy, as Becky continues to disrespect every female legend in the business. Missy said she knew Becky had a surprise tonight and revealed that she knew Becky had Angelina Love in her corner for later tonight. Missy turned the tables and revealed that she will be managing Dawn Marie, in the highly anticipated Dawn Marie vs Becky Bayless II match. The Beatdown Betties (Rick Cataldo & Roxxie Cotton) d. The Soul Sisters (Jana & Latasha) & Missy Sampson/Alere Little Feather This was the Beatdown Betties first win. Awesome Kong destroyed Roxxie Cotton while Rick Cataldo sprinted to the locker room. A...
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